8201 Greensboro Drive Smoke Evacuation System

Evaluation and analysis of the existing base building smoke evacuation system serving a 12-story office facility in McLean, Virginia.  The high rise building was constructed in 1983 under the 1981 BOCA Mechanical Code.

The system consists of roof-mounted pressurization fans, exhaust fans, per floor controls to allow for purging smoke from the building on a floor-by-floor basis, and the interlock of this system to the existing base building supply/return air systems.

TEI is providing enhancements to existing airflow paths utilizing transfer assemblies for both standard and SCIF (Sensitive Compartment Information Facilities) walls to allow air from the pressurized public corridors to the individual tenant spaces for exhausting through the ceiling plenum.

Once the enhancements are completed, a testing and balancing company will provide documentation for the pressurization, confirmation of airflow, and interlocking of controls for our review.

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